In 2009, after studying for many years, I received my CMT(Certified Master Teacher) certification in Estill Voice Training methods, also thanks to the invaluable help of Elisa Turlà (Certified Course Instructor with Testing Privilege and Service Distinction) who has always been my teacher and who was the first to get an “Expert Certified Course Instructor” certification in Italy.



It’s the result of more than 25 years of studies carried out from the American researcher, singer and teacher Jo Estill. It is a vocal technique which does not imply any aesthetic or stylistic assessment. You can approach any kind of music, from opera to musical, from jazz to pop-rock in the same way. It promotes the knowledge of physiology in order to reach a conscious control of the muscular work linked to the sound emission, thus developing a real command and confidence in expressing your vocal qualities.

It divides its approach to the study of the sound emission into three levels: independent control of the main parts of the vocal mechanism; main qualities of the voice: problems, solutions, advantages and risks of them all;independent control of every structure: all their possible combinations, detection of the multiple vocal qualities. their control and replication.






As far as I am concerned, teaching this vocal technique is first of all a real passion, just as everything related to our fantastic and complicated instrument…It is extremely exciting to see a student resolve what seemed to be unsolvable problems that discouraged him from singing; it is nonetheless true that such problems are often the result of an incorrect methodological approach.

I think it is crucial to learn how to use the structures which make up the voice in a conscious way, as it always happens for any other instrument (guitar, keyboards, drums, etc.). It is also important to have a musical ear and musicality (that is a musical knowledge), but you will get to it only from a theoretical point of view or by ear, unless you start studying voice control and command (how can I grasp and mantain that third, such as my musical ear suggests me, if my instrument doesn’t follow me?). And, just between us: when you have been singing rock on stage for two hours either you are in control or you start worrying…Am I wrong?

Below I tried to sum up what I do in my lessons:

The voice is a complicated instrument so the first thing to do is often to learn its structures and functions. This is extremely important in order to reach a better control and command of your voice. These abilities will be developed through specific exercises whose aim is to achieve control over each of these structures in an independent way. Learning to control them will allow us to handle our instrument in a conscious way and at its best, so as to get the performing result we long for and to colour our voice accordingly.

This will be a long term result if we are able to handle our emission in an healthy way, that is avoiding the harmful behaviors for our instrument. It will therefore be important to know what is this behavior and how to activate controls on our structures during the emission so as to avoid it. To do so we will need the help of our body which obviously supports singing. We will learn to use some muscles we had never been aware of and we will avoid useless and harmful tensions, realizing how this can help making the art of singing a pleasure.

This is basically what I have been studying and trying to analyze in all these years. Besides this, I have been rising the ranks on stage for 15 years and I believe this is of great help when teaching singing…it has often helped me understand my students’ needs and find new ways to overcome their seemingly unsolvable problems.


  • Maurizio Zappatini (now vocal trainer of Francesco Renga and Ligabue) at the “Academy of modern music” in Bergamo
  • Elisa Turlà (Certified Course Instructor with Testing Privilege and Service Distinction. First Italian teacher to get the “Expert Certified Course Instructor” certification in EVT method
  • Vittorio Cortesi (Certified Master Teacher Estill Voice Training method)
  • Alejandro Saorin Martinez (Certified Course Instructor in Estill Voice Training method at Padova Conservatorio)
  • Barbara Somogyiova (National Coordinator Modern Music Institute)
    Basic course in EVT method (Estill Voice Training)
  • Advanced course in EVT method (Estill Voice Training)
  • Specialized course in EVT method (Estill Voice Training)
  • I colori della voce e del canto: I meccanismi dei registri vocali e il ruolo della cavità di risonanza (Prof.Franco Fussi)
  • Practical course for the steady professional development of EVT, Salsomaggiore Terme
  • The distorted voice (Centro Studi Estill)
  • Voce e canto tra postura e diaframma (Posturalmed)

Piano playing with Maestro F.Zuvadelli and Paolo Apollo Negri
Estill Master Trainer in EVT (Estill Voice Training) method
He has been teaching privately since 2006
At the moment he is teaching vocal technique EVT privately and at Modern Music Institute in MMI LODI-PIACENZA (c/o TANZAN MUSIC ACADEMY)


Giulio Garghentini comes from a long carrer in the music world and he has been greatly appreciated over the years for his live performances with many bands. He has been part of bands like Mantra and Darkfire (with an album published by Sacred Metal). He has been in musicals like “Grida di libertà” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”. He’s the front man of Revolution (a Guns n’ Roses tribute band) and since 2006 he has been the front man of Dream Company, a Bon Jovi tribute band. Dream Company has had great success all over Europe playing over 600 concerts in the most prestigious festivals and venues. The first Dream Company album of unreleased tracks, produced by Tanzan Music of Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Issa, Axe, Hardline..) will be out in 2019. The first solo album of Giulio, BELIEVE, was produced by Tanzan Music of Mario Percudani in 2013. In 2016 Mario Percudani produced “Live it up”, one of Giulio’s singles. Over the past few years he has collaborated with other artists and in many productions as both a singer and as a backing vocalist. Thanks to his devotion to the study of vocal potential and music, Giulio teaches in Tanzan Music Academy (Modern Music Institute Lodi – Piacenza) one of the most important musical centers In Italy.


  • Pensieri strani (Mantra 1998)
  • Urban Radio (Urban Radio 2009)
  • Love is….(Giulio Garghentini 2010)
  • Dark Horizon & Friends (TANZAN MUSIC 2014)
  • Track n. 7 (Disc 1) in “GREAT LEFTY Live forever! Tribute to Tony Iommi Godfather of metal” (TANZAN MUSIC 2015)